Testing RAM with Windows Memory Diagnostics tool


RAM sticks are often consider as prime culprit behind random and creepy system failures. There exist a number third party fancy memory testing tools with extensive list of features. However a inbuilt ready to use RAM diagnostic tool also exist in all Windows PC, which is simple and yet powerful enough to do the memory test.

Here’s the three step guide with screenshots:
Step 1: Open Start Menu and type in Search / Run box mdsched.exe, pres enter.

Step 2: A window will open asking to restart computer and start the test or to schedule a test on next manual restart. Click on ‘Restart now and check for problems’ to run test immediately.

Step 3: The test screen will appear showing the test progress and the number of passes on the RAM. If any error is found in memory test it will shown on screen

After completion of test it will automatically restart windows and after awhile it will show a notification balloon in task bar showing the status of test, if no error is found then the notification balloon would say ‘No errors were detected’

So, if RAM is fine then you need to look into  other hardware or software problem source.

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